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Trehjul elsykkel Pfiff Grazia Bosch

Art.nr: 17-REH-04-00002
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Item no 17-REH-04-00002

Without effort Grazia-Bosch allows mobility by adding the power of the Bosch Acitve Line engine to your pedal action. You can chose between 4 different support modes for needed motor assistance. Take off in high gears or long journeys: the torque controlled motor with its powerful battery allows up to 40 km distance and needs maximum 4 h for a full recharge cycle. Design and construction are suitable for riders up to 120 kg. The extremely low step-through allows to step up onto the tricycle with ease. 

Motor Data:
Bosch Active-Line Plus Mid-Motor with Purion display and 500wh accu
Motortype: mid-motor with control gear, brushless
Performance: 250 Watt
Rated voltage: 36 Volt 
Max. torque: 50 Nm
Weight: 3,8 kg
Battery type:: Li - ion
Sensors: Torque
Assistance level: 4
Start-up assistance: yes to 6 km/h
Cruising Range: up to 60.00 km
recharge time: 4.00 Std.
Light powered by battery: Yes
  • 45
  • gear shift



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